Springtime, Fully Loaded

Just as one swallow does not a summer make, one sunny weekend away in the campervan doesn’t necessarily mean that our springtime has really sprung. But two weekends on the bounce? Well, now you’re talking.

Being the unpredictable, adventurous souls that we are, this weekend we packed the van and headed off to……drum roll please…..Teverga! Ah, but there is more to this valley than may have met the eye of my blog readers thus far. Saturday we headed straight to the Puerto de Marabio, a high mountain pass with stunning views, a little hermitage, great walking and biking tracks and, you guessed it, some great rock climbing too.

Puerto de Marabio

Puerto de Marabio

Further irrefutable confirmation of the arrival of spring lay all around us, despite the presence of snowy caps on the very high mountains in the background. Spring flowers carpeted the meadows and poked their heads joyously out of every available nook and cranny.




The hillsides were speckled with blossom laden trees and the stark nakedness of their wintry branches was softened as nature began to dress them once more. Here’s a picture of a tree I photographed in its autumn finery at the end of November now displaying the latest spring-summer greens.


Another season, another windy day

I guess in reality winter has been relatively short-lived here, the harshest of the weather only really kicking in in mid-January, but it has felt long enough and we are all glad to be returning to a life spent more outdoors.


Another weekend, another chance to play in the dirt

Another day, another place to sleep (when not running and/or getting into mischief)

Another day, another place to sleep

Another Sunday, another cave-based siesta. Somebody just woked up! This playing outdoors sure is tiring.

Another Sunday, another cave-based siesta. Somebody just woked up. This playing outdoors all day sure is tiring.

Happy Springtime everybody, and happy Earth Day too!

Linking up to Country Kids at Coombe Mill. Click the badge to hop on over and check out lots more family fun in the outdoors.

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23 thoughts on “Springtime, Fully Loaded

  1. Spring in Gran Canaria lasts approximately 1 week, I am sooo envious of where you live it looks stunning (mun) lol.
    And your little boy is adorable!
    Is your dog a Podenco, by any chance?
    Sarah x

    • It is pretty stunning here mun, I have to say 😉 Although there may be the odd rainy day when I wish I was in Gran Canaria!! *quickly googles Podenco* Actually dog is just a normal Spanish greyhound, found abandoned on the outskirts of Madrid as a half-dead puppy. Now installed as village food thief and bone-detective. x

  2. Ah isn’t it great when spring peeps through. That’s happening here now with the cherry blossom.
    Love that photo of your little boy just woken up!

      • lol, selfishly, I’d much rather they were here, but yes we’ve had wonderful holiday’s there and made lots of Spanish friends. The oldies are the only English in the village and Dad towers over them all so they are well known, but have been embraced into the community, as are we, whenever we visit 🙂

  3. The scenery is wonderful in your pictures, how lovely to go off and explore such a beautiful place. Some quality family time exploring the great outdoors – great! Thanks for linking up your enviable pictures to Country Kids.

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